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How it Works

Players win a qualifying event, like a bingo game or a raffle
and win a chance at the BO board.
Get ticket and play
During a chance, the player will try to guess
the hidden numbers on the BO Properties
displayed on the chance board.
Hit a property
With each number that is correctly guessed by the player, a player prize as awarded.
If a player correctly guesses all the numbers within a designated number of guesses, the player wins the Jackpot!

Membership Benefits

Playing as a member gives the player some added benefits and brings them back in to play more often.
As a member, if you guess all the numbers associated with a property, that is un-owned, you will be
awarded the property and become the new owner. When a player, on a different chance, guesses
a number on your property, you will receive a portion of their winnings as rent.
BO Properties
As a member you can continue to receive "rents" even if you are not present.
Also, as a Member you gain access to our online VBingo Games where you can play for free and possibly earn additional rewards and coupons
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Exciting promotional tool. Promote your organization, create repeat customers, build member lists for marketing, build game progressives.

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